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Gift Certificate

This is a very nice gift for a special day or a way of saying, "Thank you!" It can be redeemed for chiropractic and massage therapy services or various supplies in the office.

The unit value is set at 1.00 so that you can change the quantity of products or dollar amount of the certificate you would like to purchase.

Also, when checking out, let us know if you have any comments or requests. You'll have three choices of certificate designs:

1. One from the scheduling system
2. Two designs that our office created.

Certificate expires after 4 months.

Biofreeze Roll on

This topical anesthetic has been popular and very effective for many years. Recommended by many healthcare providers, including me. I like the roll on version because it doesn't get onto your hands and then mistakenly rubbing your eyes or other skin sensitive areas!

CTM Stretching Book (paper book)

The principles of CTM can be applied to all varieties of exercises, stretches, daily activities an age levels. It is not designed to substitute any form of exercise whether it is stretching to running or Yoga to weight training. Instead, the purpose of CTM is to be a part or adjunct of a routine that will allow for better performance of that event or any other activity you want to do.

You are not just learning “another stretch.” Instead, it is a paradigm (concept) switch. You are greatly expanding your way of thinking and approach. Not anymore are you just limiting yourself to the muscle. Now it becomes an entire body experience backed by an understanding of what you are doing, the purpose behind it and the expectations you should achieve!

CTM Stretching Book (pdf version)

This is the pdf version of the paper book and will be happy to email it to you!

Exercise Ball

This is an excellent piece of equipment that will improve balance, strength and flexibility. There are 100's of different movements and variations to promote these improvements. Dr. Dalton regularly uses the exercise ball in his training routines and strongly recommends them to his patients.

Foam Roller

This is a wonderfully simple item that will help with tightness and flexibility in the mid and low back, including the neck. There are many varieties, but this one has a smooth surface and is 6" in diameter and 12" long. This is regularly recommended by Dr. Dalton and used, almost daily, by him. Here's a 2 min video of Dr. Dalton demonstrating the various ways of using the foam roller https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQwJOsETW-g

Ice/Heat Gel Pack

These do a great job! Keep them in the freezer and it will never get stiff and will always be moldable. If you don't pop the bag, it will last for years! I have one that is over ten years old.

Lumbar Brace

This is a great product and have prescribed many over the years. It's not a rigid cast and is made of elastic nylon. It can be worn under the shirt so can be hidden. This is a 10 inch wide low back brace that is a two-pull system. The first strap wraps the belt around you and the second strap draws the belt around and snugs up against the low back to your comfort. The straps are attached by velcro. It's very strong and will last years, though I'm not expecting you to use it for more than a couple days!

Lumbar Pillow

Great for the chair at work, home and car! I have great success recommending these to patients and am very confident in the positive gains it will provide.

Magnetic Pad 3"x6"

I've used this with success in the past. The basic idea is to encourage blood flow to the area and improve acupuncture meridian flow.

Magnetic Shoulder Strap

This is just like the magnetic pad as far as its function for blood flow and acupuncture meridian flow. It has a "C-shape" so you can place it over the shoulder easily and stay in place better.

Package: 3 Pack of 30 min massages

Save over 10% on a package of three 30 min massages. You can use all 3 for yourself or even give one away as a gift! It's up to you how to use them.

Package: 3 Pack of 60 min massages

Save over 10% on a package of three 60 min massages. You can use all 3 for yourself or even give one away as a gift! It's up to you how to use them.

Package: 3 Pack of 90 min massages



This is a great tool to avoid all the bending forward to pick up "stuff" from the floor! Dr. Dalton strongly recommends avoiding unnecessary forward bending. It over stresses the low back and causes wasted energy. The reacher is 3 ft long and is strong enough to pick up an maile adult pair of dress shoes.This is a simply, yet very effective item.

Spenco Arch Cushion

I've been recommending this arch system for over 15 years. I know that they are effective and will make difference. It's a great way of trying out an arch support. This is very cost effective and will give you the confidence to go the next level with a custom fitted arch system if you have found good, consistent relief. It's been my experience that the cushions will be effective for 6 months to 2 years, depending upon amount of use.